Welcome to Crouco, Lloyd’s Underwriting Agency

New risk placement solutions. New insurance sector suppliers for insurance brokers seeking to increase their capacity.

After a process defining which products are to be sold on our market, we negotiate with the different Lloyd’s syndicates the level of delegation of underwriting capacity (acceptance and issuing of insurance policies) granted the underwriting agency. Our close relationship with highly experienced Lloyd’s brokers means that we have been able to benefit from unmatched know-how and professionalism during the product design stage, which allows us to provide intermediaries with flexible and high-capacity insurance solutions.

Crouco can meet your needs when the capital to be insured with traditional comprehensive policies is particularly high, without this preventing the placement of mass risks, benefitting from the prestige of the Lloyd’s brand and the efficiency inherent in a business organisation designed to provide the most efficient service for insurance brokers, our only distribution channel.

In addition to a wide range of specialist products, we offer direct access to the London market for the placement of special risks requiring our assistance.

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